Omid Akbari

Ph.D, Assistant Professor

Director of laboratory

Professional Services

Member: Technical Committee, CSICC – 2022, CSICC – 2023

Member: IEEE Standards Development Committee, Iran Section

Reviewer: IEEE TCAS-I, IEEE TCAS-II, IEEE TC, IEEE TSUSC, IEEE TVLSI, IEEE TCAD, IEEE JETCAS, IEEE ESL, IEEE Access, ACM TECS, ACM TOPC, IET Circuits Devices and Systems, Electronics Letters, AEUE – International Journal of Electronics and Communications, Microelectronics Journal, Integration the VLSI Journal, World Scientific Journal of Circuits Systems and Computers (JCSC), Iranian Journal of Science and Technology – Transactions of Electrical Engineering, Tabriz Journal of Electrical Engineering (TJEE)

Ph.D. Students

Mohammad Amin Rayej

Working on Distributed Learning

M.Sc. Students

Fariba Jorghanian

Working on Energy Management in Smart Buildings via Artificial Intelligence

Reza Ghorbansiahi

Working on Efficient FPGA Implementation of DNNs

Ali Mirhosseini

Working on Fault-Tolerant FPGA Implementation of DNNs

Farzaneh Abouali

Working on Hardware Security

Alireza Fouladlou

Working on Hardware Security

Siavash Zareie

Computer Architecture

Mahdi Esmaeili

Computer Architecture

Research Assistants

Jafar Vafaei

Working on Reliability

M.Sc. Graduates

Fatemeh Hosseinkhani

Power and Temperature-aware Reliability Management in Manycore Systems

Mojtaba Afshari

Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Networks

Alireza Senobari

Improving the Efficiency of Computational Array-Based Accelerators Using Approximate Computing

Ali Akbar Bahoo

Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Multipliers using Approximate Computing

Morteza Yousefloo

A Fault-Tolerant Accelerator for Deep Neural Networks

Bahareh Vakili

Approximate Multipliers (Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch)

Amirhossein Azimi

Energy Management in Smart Buildings via Artificial Intelligenc

On-Going MS Seminars

  1. Hosna Mohammadi, “Machine learning methods for error tolerance in image processing applications”.

Adviser of M.Sc. Theses


  1. Forough Yaftan, on Low Power Adders, Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch.


  1. Ahmad Tavakoli, Resource Allocation in Edge Computing Using Machine Learning Based Traffic Prediction, Tarbiat Modares University, Feb. 2023.
  2. Ali Hussain Abd Alhassan, Calculating the degree of Resilience in power grids using complex networks and machine learning methods, Tarbiat Modares University, Sep. 2022.
  3. Mohammadreza Teymuri, on Internet of Things (IoT), Tarbiat Modares University, Aug. 2022.
  4. Mehran Rezaie, Fault Tolerant Resource Allocation in Network Function Virtualization, Tarbiat Modares University, July 2022.
  5. Khadijeh Samiepoor, Identification of power smart grids vulnerabilities based on combining complex network and nodes features, Tarbiat Modares University, Feb.2022.
  6. Maryam Rahmani, A reliable traffic routing in network function virtualization, Tarbiat Modares University, Feb.2022.
  7. Amir Rasti, Traffic engineering in SDN-based networks using traffic matrix estimation, Tarbiat Modares University, Feb.2022.
  8. Reza Behzadi, Static hardware trojan detection at RTL level using controllability and observability, Tarbiat Modares University, Jan.2022.
  9. Mohammad Ghanatabadi, Design and simulation of Low-Power, compact and high-speed approximate arithmetic circuits, Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch, Sep.2021.
  10. Afshin Khaksari, Design and simulation of adaptive accuracy reconfigurable approximate adder in sub-65nm Technology, Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch, Dec.2020.